MITC was established in 2011 after the manufacturing industry of the Mälardalen region expressed a desire to work more structured and long-term focused with competence development and academic collaboration. A collaboration platform was set up consisting of Mälardalen University as the competence base and a limited company, MITC AB, owned by the main industrial companies of the region, as the performing entity. Today around 20 people from the University and industry are actively involved in MITCs operations. In 2019, MITC established its Technology Center in Eskilstuna, which will further strengthen MITC as a catalyst for industrial renewal and change.

The aim of MITC is to establish the Mälardalen region as a competitive node for development, education and research in direct collaboration with the manufacturing industry. MITCs member companies, eg Volvo CE, Volvo GTO, GKN, Alfa Laval and Hexagon, has around 5500 employees and over the years MITC has worked with over 150 SMEs, representing a large part of the region’s industrial base. Areas of focus for are manufacturing, industrialisation, and product development with digitalisation and sustainability as cross-sectional areas. Lately particular focus is being put on advanced robotics, cyber-physical systems and artificial intelligence.

The operational purpose of MITC is to efficiently and effectively plan, finance, coordinate and undertake development and research projects in close collaboration with industry and academia. This is done in various large and small-scale projects funded by the EU, Vinnova, the Swedish Agency for Regional and Economic Growth, the Knowledge Foundation and the Regions of Sörmland and Örebro, in close alliance with other strong regional actors such as Robotdalen, Automation Region, Södertälje Science Park, Alfred Nobel Science Park as well as Örebro University and the Royal Institute for Technology.

MITC has years of experience running coaching and development programmes with SMEs. Several effective programmes have been developed in areas such as digitalisation, Lean and continuous improvement and production development. MITC also runs a long-term initiative, TransMission, supporting suppliers in the heavy vehicle industry in the transformation towards electric and autonomous vehicles.

The new Technology Center will research, develop, integrate and implement smart technological applications according to industrial needs and opportunities provided by the rapid technological change. The University’s strong research base in production systems, product development, AI, cyber-physical systems, robotics and embedded systems will provide ample competence and resources to undertake cutting edge projects in close collaboration with representatives from the member companies and SMEs. Equipped with the latest digital technologies and networks, the Center will host projects on for example advanced robotics for industrial applications, collaborative robotics, IoT, VR and AR, AI applications, digital twin.