Michael Rydell

Tomorrow’s competence is the single most important factor for companies’ competitiveness, which means that Mälardalen University – will play a central role with regional proximity for our global companies. As a platform for new technology and efficient industrial processes, MITC is a complementary support, a support, an inclusive inspirer with technological excellence for both companies, students and researchers to benefit from and develop further through.

With extensive experience from international operations and CEO of a foreign company, I have built up a humility towards and insight into many different cultures. With 30 years in senior positions, I can also state that the most job satisfaction is to work with people who want to create great results, a positive commitment in combination with an equal seriousness in terms of output and results.

It has to do with the fact that I have always been interested in sports, from skiing and golf to cycling and football. Tennis was my big sport in my late teens with a place among the better ones. It was still interesting with the combination of the solo performance in tennis and the team spirit in football, as individualists and group entrepreneurs with a common drive, individually and together. That is what we see today at MITC.

I have a hard time keeping quiet if I see something that is wrong and not easy on things, while I prefer to see that everyone has their own drive and make their own decisions. Man’s ability to make his own decisions is underestimated and I always strive to put the individual’s ability at the center. MITC consists of strong individuals who are further strengthened in the collaboration between companies, students and researchers. MITC is a process.

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