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DigiMission - collaboration for more efficient SME digitisation in Mälardalen

Smart Industry in the Regions 2.0 ECS

In light of the changes the industry and Sweden are facing, the project will mobilise Mälardalen's companies and eastern central Sweden's actors, clarify the corporate support initiatives that are offered to accelerate the pace of change and offer more companies in the region access to the system's development opportunities. The project will meet the companies where they stand, motivate them to keep up with the technological development, offer the right development effort according to the company's own ability and at the same time build the company's innovative capacity. A number of proven programs will be offered and for those companies that have progressed the most, the opportunity to test new products and processes will be offered in a lab environment. During the project period, the project and the actors' competence will be strengthened through efforts that increase design and user perspectives as well as increase technical knowledge and understanding of what technology development means


Project owner: Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center

Partners: Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center, Mälardalens University, Eskilstuna Fabriksförening, Stiftelsen Svensk Industridesign, Södertälje Science Park


Anna Bird, MDH/MITC tel. +46 73-662 06 54

Funder: Tillväxtverket, Region Stockholm, Region Sörmland

Project Time: 1/1 2019-15/11 2020