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”The Digitalization Lift” exceeded all of our expectations! - Tjeders

Tjeders manufactures alarm systems for healthcare as well as other products in the same area. CEO of Tjeders; Marie Svensson explains that “Digilyftet” (The Digitalisation Lift) helped their company to create a more flexible product range and offer new services to complement their products. Because of the project, they now have a wider network of actors who are participating in the same development journey where they can share experiences and challenges and find support in each other.

CEO Marie Svensson proudly presents Tjeders products

Tjeders chose to participate in “Digilyftet”, a development programme organised by MITC and “Produktionslyftet”, to gain insight into digitalisation and to understand where they stand compared to their competitors. After the programme, Marie believes that they are now more confident in where they stand in their digitalisation journey. They have also invested heavily in a new service platform - Tjeders Life, which through digitalisation enables better care for patients. Marie believes this will be an important tool as there is a large staff shortage today and technology can be an important aid. Because of the programme Tjeders have started to configure products from other suppliers with their systems, which has enabled them to have a more flexible product range and to meet new customer needs. Marie thinks that digitalisation will increasingly become the basis of Tjeder's product range and might eventually take over completely.

For Tjeders the programme has exceeded their expectations and they are now looking at working with MITC in other projects and programmes. Marie explains that they would like to work closely with Mälardalen University and MITC and that the KTP project for example would be a great opportunity for them to gain new knowledge and skills in digitalisation.