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– ”The digitalisation lift is an incredibly important initiative!”

Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB (EEPAB) works with product development and manufacturing of industrial electronics for customers in the automotive industry and within the medical technology. Mikael Joki, CEO at EEPAB, explains that MITCs digitalisation programme helped their company to develop a digital strategy and to become better at future- and trendspotting.

CEO Mikael Joki in the workshop


Digitaliseringslyftet (the Digitalisation Lift) is a national initiative to support the digitalisation of Swedish small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). EEPAB has participated in two of the programs offered by MITC, Digifuture and DigiLean.

EEPAB joined the programmes to increase their competence and to learn more about external analysis connected to digitalisation. Mikael says that EEPAB's participation in Digifuture and DigiLean led to a complete analysis of the business, which resulted in a clear digital strategy for the future. This strategy also gave employees more clarity in the company's future prospects and digital development.

Mikael says that due to Digifuture and DigiLean they are much better at external analysis and at predicting trends than before. This helps them act faster on global changes to ensure that they maintain their position on the market and to offer their customers the latest technology. He explains that the company has developed a clearer direction and are more aware of what needs to be done, and what steps are required to get there.

After participating in Digifuture and DigiLean, EEPAB has participated in several other projects with MITC to make their processes more efficient and to increase value creation through digital solutions. In “Digitala Stambanan”, a Vinnova project, EEPAB developed a digital twin, a digital copy of the operations that shows the impact of production when various changes are made.

When asked why EEPAB participates in so many of MITC's projects, Mikael explains that they always get a high degree of efficiency in the projects they participate in, and that he believes that all of MITC's projects are incredibly important initiatives for the industry.