Competence development for manufacturing industries in the counties of Sörmland, Västmanland and Örebro, on a background knowledge level and in regard to new needs of the industries in connection with digitalisation, automation, sustainability and electrification

The project´s aim is to strengthen competences and position on the labour market of manufacturing industry workers

The project helps companies to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis meeting their competence needs and contributing to their sustainable competitiveness



Competence development for manufacturing industries in Sörmland, Västmanland and Örebro counties, both at background knowledge level and against the industry’s new needs linked to digitalization, automation, sustainability and electrification. The projects targets employees and laid off employees of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the manufacturing industry, the automotive industry particularly. The companies are to be domiciled in the regions of Sörmland, Västmanland or Örebro County.


  • 40 participating companies from Sörmland, Västmanland and Örebro (max 60)
  • 25 companies have accomplished the competence development
  • over 200 people have improved their skills (out of 600 which is the goal)
  • the larger companies have primarily trained their personnel in safety training (forklift, overhead crane, work posing a fire hazard, thermosetting plastic, Machine Directive, etc.)
  • the medium-sized companies increasingly participate in competitive trainings: drawing reading & measurement techniques, welding tests, visual control, OFP, LOU, programming of welding robot, CAD/CAM, etc.
  • currently few people are training in strategic or transition education.
  • 9 companies have undertaken the workshop on Competence Development as a Strategic Tool.
  • 8 companies  are participating in the Tillväxtmotorn CompCor group


Web-based training

  • Unlimited access to over 300 Web-based courses, during one year
  • Quality, working environment, project management, improvement work, leadership, warehouse/logistics, organisation, bookkeeping, etc.

Scheduled courses

Based upon general company needs. Developed on an on-going basis.

The following have been produced:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Capacity for change
  • Fundamental production technology
  • Quality tools and standards

Courses for developing a sustainable, learning organisation

  • Using competence development as a strategic tool
  • Teaching skills for transfers of knowledge and mentoring at the workplace

Adapted courses

  • As per the specific needs of the participating company, taken from the company’s needs analysis and competence survey
  • Examples: Training operators in CAD/CAM, training production technicians in robotics

See the full list, Swedish

  • Webbutbildningar via IUC /Diploma**
  • Travers och repetitionskurs i Travers
  • Truck A och B samt repetitionskurs i Truck A och B
  • Härdplast
  • Brandfarligt arbete (heta arbeten)
  • Ritningsläsning och Mätteknik (Industriteknik)
  • Svetsning (MMA, MAG, TIG och GAS – Käl, Plåt, Rör)
  • Visuell kontroll
  • Svetsprövningar
  • YKB
  • ADR 1.3 hantering av farligt gods
  • Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Elsäkerhet för icke-elektriker
  • Röntgenprövning (OFP)
  • Instruktörsutbildning i Travers och i Truck
  • Ritningsläsning via e-learning
  • Kompetensutveckling som strategiskt verktyg
  • Praktiskt omställningsarbete (Industri 4.0)
  • HLR – första hjälpen, hjärtstartare
  • DigiMain – från traditionellt underhåll till förebyggande och avhjälpande underhåll
  • BAM – Arbetsmiljö
  • LOU – att sälja till offentlig sector
  • Kunskapsöverföring och handledning
  • Informationssäkerhet, ISO 27001
  • CNC-programmering
  • Hantering och programmering av svetsrobot
  • CE-märkning enligt maskindirektivet
  • Brandfarlig vara (föreståndare)
  • Produktionsteknik
  • Projektledning
  • Förändringsförmåga
  • Kvalitetsverktyg och standarder
  • Mjuklödning
  • Kontaktpressning
  • Ledarskapsutbildningar
  • IATF 16949:2016 Internrevisionsutbildning
  • Distansutbildning i Form och Lägestolerans
  • Distansutbildning – 3D-assist för skapande av program för solider
  • Distansutbildning – Programmering i Mazatrol för Integrex



  • The efforts must be distributed proportionately between men and women, corresponding to the gender distribution in the company


¨The employees must have the same opportunities to participate, regardless of their gender, trans-gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other belief perceptions, functional impairments, sexual orientation or age


  • Find out whether employees have functional variations that involve needs for means of assistance.
  • Do possible impediments exist that need to be removed?


Klas Brynte

Project manager and sub-project manager Örebro County

070-534 02 82

Gabriella Mast-Weggeman

Sub-project manager Sörmlands län

070-580 83 32

Peter Barkenskiöld

Sub-project manager Västmanlands län

070-600 91 00

Annette Lood

Project economist

070-592 85 27


Contact the sub-project manager for your region, for a full presentation of CompCor.



CompCor is led by Mälardalen’s Industrial Technology Center in collaboration with Alfred Nobel Science Park and Automation Region.

CompCor is funded by the European Social Fund and the project runs from 1 June 2020 to 30 November 2022


Michael Rydell            MITC AB

Catarina Berglund       Automationregion

Christina Åhlstedt       Alfred Nobel Science Park

Gabriella Virdarson     FKG – Fordonskomponentgruppen

Britt Nordström          Teknikföretagen

Johan Nilsson             IF Metall

Emma Hanson            Region Sörmland

Mikael Nilsson Hjorth   Region Västmanland

Lisa Virén                    Region Örebro