Are you ready to get started with digitalisation? But don’t know where to start? Do you want to know what others are doing and at the same time get expert support to get started on the practical work? Then we have the programme for you.

In the Digilean programme we start with the basics, in the Lean work and methods, and show how systematic work with improvements lay a foundation for continuing the development of the company with the help of digital technology.

The programme combines increased renewal capacity (Lean) with the need to strategically work with digitalisation of the operations. Participating companies are also given the opportunity to test their knowledge in a digitalisation project from idea to requirement specification. The program is run in networks with individual coaching between the collective network meetings. It is a proven way of gaining new knowledge, testing new tools and strengthening the company’s competitiveness.

Target group: Small and medium-sized industrial companies
Participants: 2-4 people per company representing the CEO or equivalent position, person or persons with mandate to implement changes and with employee perspective. 4-8 companies / network.
Extent: Five initial network meetings, 25-30 hours of coaching per company and 2-3 concluding network meetings.
Registration: An interest registration is made to anna.bird@mdh.se.
For general information: Anna Bird · MDH / MITC 0736-62 06 54 · anna.bird@mdh.se
For information about content: Niklas Olsson · MITC 070-323 22 10 · niklas.olsson@mitc.se
Birgitta Öjmertz · Rise IVF / Production lift 070-780 61 52 · birgitta.ojmertz@ri.se