Without maintenance, the enterprise comes to a halt. Planned and controlled maintenance reduces operating stoppages, increases quality and extends the lifespan of the machine park. With standardised maintenance processes, maintenance costs are optimised and planned production ensured.

DigiMain is a programme for SME companies built around five digital seminars, with preparatory tasks and questions for the participants as well as homework based upon the new knowledge after the seminar.

Introduction to maintenance technology

  • KPIs, corrective and preventive maintenance.
  • Maintenance concepts
  • Different types of maintenance
  • Different types of maintenance concepts and tools.
  • Component and machine class
  • Fundamental maintenance economics
  • Fundamental reliability.

Predetermined maintenance

  • KPIs, predetermined maintenance
  • Schedule and strategies for predetermined maintenance.
  • Implementation of predetermined maintenance in practice.
  • Carrying out simpler calculations.

Corrective maintenance

  • KPIs, corrective maintenance.
  • Schedule and strategies for corrective maintenance.
  • Implementation of corrective maintenance in practice.
  • Root cause identification.
  • Carrying out simpler calculations.

Condition-based maintenance

  • KPIs, condition-based maintenance
  • Schedule and strategies for condition-based maintenance.
  • Implementation of condition-based maintenance in practice.
  • Carrying out simpler calculations.

Smart maintenance

  • Online factory
  • Industry 4.0
  • Cyber Physical System
  • Digital twin
  • Sensors