• Enables rationalisation at your enterprise using digitalisation.
  • Secure the information flow and use it at the right place at the right time.
  • Here, we use IoT, the Internet of Things, as a tool

Karakuri IoT, a program, is based upon a Japanese improvement concept that encourages your employees to simply build and implement Internet-connected solutions at your enterprise. The methodology enables all employees to participate and contribute their thoughts and ideas. No prior knowledge of programming is required, but rather just your creative thoughts and commitment.

We work with four steps in order to develop your enterprise using Karakuri IoT:

  1. Discovering possibilities
  2. Finding conceptual solutions
  3. Working with ”Proof of Concept”
  4. Test at the company

We have conducted the above workshops a number of times at large and small companies, and our methodology is highly praised.

The schedule involves 3 workshops of 2 hours each with the involved personnel, preferably from different parts of the organisation.