LEAN 4.0

Do you understand what the new Industry 4.0 technologies are and how those can be used at your company?

Increased knowledge about industry 4.0 technologies improve communications in companies and lay the foundation for better working relationships and business solutions between customer and supplier. The purpose of the LEAN 4.0 programme is to strengthen your competences in the area and identify problems that are able to be solved with the new technologies.

You will also have the possibility to apply some simple technologies in your  enterprise

LEAN 4.0 is a programme for SME companies built up around ten seminars, with preparatory tasks and questions posed to the participants, as well as simple homework after the seminar.

An SME company is a company employing up to 250 people, and either has an annual turnover that does not exceed EUR 50 million OR an annual balance sheet total that does not exceed EUT 43 million

Lean 4.0

  • Collaborative robots in production
  • Simulation of production processes
  • AI in production
  • Application of VR and AR in production
  • 3D printing in practice
  • Digital production technologies
  • Smart production

Digital Lean production

  • Digital Lean boards, Smart Andon, Smart Kanban and Lean Automation

Traditionell Lean production

  • Lean production and value flow analysis