MITC Technologist

An MITC Technologist is a student at the university who performs tasks or a shorter projects alongside their studies. The students come from later years’ classes in production development or digitalisation.

Target group

The programme is aimed at technicians, company managers, heads or the like who have a specific problem with a need for a resource with fresh knowledge, and time to perform a deep-dive into the field.


MITC offers support in the formulation of the task and matches your need with a MITC Technologist who possesses the appropriate competence for the project. The support is available when commencing as well as during the course of the project.


As a company, you will often receive a solution to your practical problem and access to a junior consultant in the person of a MITC Technologist, who will be able to deliver results without any requirements for academic relevance.

The programme also involves personal contact with students for any possible future employment and strong exchanges of expertise with Mälardalen University.