Produktionslyftet offers companies Development and Focus Programmes designed to strengthen the organisation’s  ability and willingness for renovation and improvement.

The Produktionslyftet has been developed based on the needs and opportunities of the manufacturing industry.  However, many other companies that can apply similar principles have participated and new ones are welcome. We apply principles based on Lean, but starting point is the companies’ own strengths and values. The programs are run according to our standardized methodology Tilted Scale, which has been developed gradually based on the experience gained since 2008.

RISE IVF  is responsible  for Produktionslyftet nationally, and MITC is the regional hub for East Middle Sweden

Start programme

In the Produktionsyftet Start Programme, we work with Lean as a basis for increasing the capability to deliberately and sustainably drive improvement, innovation and automation. The Start Programme is carried out at your company premises or remotely with 6-8 training sessions.

Programme content

The Start programme enlightens four  questions:

  1. Why is this important? Introduction to change work and automation, work involving your company needs, and observation of what your desired future situation will look like from the perspectives of your customers, employees, owners and surrounding society.
  2. At which point are we now? Flowcharting where we look at a selected flow and together render its current situation visible. We identify challenges and potential improvements, both in general and in connection with automation.
  3. What do we need to learn more about? Based upon the questions posed and needs that are rendered visible, we undertake a tangible test of the new way of working – with an automation perspective if it is relevant for the enterprise.
  4. How do we go forward? With this last factor, we summarise what we have learned and focus in more depth on work with change. At this stage we want you to describe your next step in the development path.


Development programme

Produktionslyftet’s proven 18-month development program strengthens the company’s inherent ability to innovate and improve its competitiveness – all based on the company’s own strengths and values. The program is aimed at independent companies, individual factories or cohesive units within a corporate group.

Produktionslyftet 18-month Development programme is designed to develop independent companies, individual factories or cohesive units within a corporate group.

Coaching and workshops will be conducted at the company premises every other week, and every fourth week in the last six months of the programme. When needed, Produktionslyftet experts with various competences will be involved.  Two persons at the company will also follow university training in Lean, divided up into five meetings of two days duration with an assigned  homework between the meetings (billed separately).

Future Lean training can be found here → [Swedish]

Smaller companies with up to 30 employees can  can implement a less comprehensive programme, where the schedule is based on half-days or full days, with a possibility to have part of the programme  remotely.

When a number of companies or units that are a part of a group structure are taking participating, there will also be needs-adapted co-ordination work. Please contact us to hear more about it.


Continuation programme

For companies that have already taken part in the development programme, a next step is offered. The aim is then focused on a specific area that the company needs to improve, for example climate and sustainability, leadership, product development, customer development, sales, a new factory or a new business area.

The selected focus area must be of strategic significance to the company and have engagement at management level. It is also a prerequisite that the area be able to be matched with an appropriate expert who can work in conjunction with one of Produktionslyftet experienced coaches.

The programme will be carried out over 10 months with seminars and coaching at the company every other week during the first half of the year and every fourth week thereafter. In total 20 meeting days should be budgeted.

In the continuation programme, we work at a higher tempo and improvement pace and hence expect a stronger self-motivation from the beginning of the work on the part of the company in comparison with the first round. In order for this to be possible, it is required of those organisations that are involved in the work that they possess:

  • A systematic approach and motivation in their on-going improvement work
  • Managers and key personnel who conduct development and learning as a significant part of their work
  • A good picture of their ambitions and the challenges they will be facing with the work
  • Their own resources from the start to devote to the development work


For more information

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