Quality Network

Subject network involving quality systems and quality


Networks have always caused people to open their eyes, work together and develop themselves. The fundamental thought behind a subject network is to elevate competence for people and companies. Recurring meetings create a culture where we help each other to develop. The goal is to understand the overarching picture of how our company ought to look and act in the future. We do this by assisting each other in understanding our daily challenges and how we can address them in the best possible manner in order to develop.

Why this?

  • Companies need continuous development and competence development in order to strengthen/retain their competitiveness
  • Develop yourself in your role through collegial learning together with persons in similar roles from other companies.
  • Share challenges and experiences
  • Learn new things through short lectures, study visits or cases – the subject and contents will be customised based upon the needs and desires of the group
  • Create networks with persons in other companies and help each other develop
  • Achieve greater effectiveness in the management system, increase quality, rationalise improvement work and have it contribute to the sustainability work


Target group:

  • Management position with responsibility for quality, quality technicians and similar roles who are working with quality and quality management systems


Themes of the first meetings:

  •  Why do we have a management system?
  • Quality and quality management system ISO 9001 in relation to Lean, improvement work, sustainability work – How can one think for the whole?
  • And going forward: The group determines the themes



  • Facilitated during 1 year with 6-8 meetings, starting in March 2022
  • Group of 8-12 persons from companies within the area with 1h travel distance
  • The group constellation will be customised for relevance/affinity and maximum exchanges of experience
  • Proven methodology – Half day in 3 parts, preferably on-site with a participating company
  • Lecture and inspiration
  • Mutual discussion
  • A case/challenge from a participating company
  • Confidentiality ensured by non-disclosure agreements and sanctioned by the company’s management in order to ensure commitment, continued existence and further development
  • Group/Network driven by facilitator + person with expertise in the subject
  • The facilitator will manage the group and learning
  • The subject person will ensure that the content has relevance, intensity and applicability based upon the needs and desires of the group

Intrested in joining?

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Christopher Sund


Svante Sundquist