Simulation / Digital Twin

Visualisation of production processes, both existing and future scenarios, in dynamic 3D-environments, with simulation of the flow, resources, and productivity being a core activity.

For visualisations we use virtual reality (VR) to research and experience these 3D environments, with augmented reality (AR) we place a digital layer on top of reality with possibilities that include preprogrammed instructions, data reading and remote assistance with physical environments/equipment.

Digital Twin captures another dimension of these visualisations, where real-time data combined with digital representation enables better transparency in the production process and creates possibilities for change/improvement. The data communications from the equipment and other systems such as MES and ERP are an extremely important part of this, as well as the optimum management of this data using other types of technologies such as Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and AI, which in the long run will come to create still more insight and value.

MITC industrial doctoral students

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