Summer technologists

Summer technologist – an opportunity for engineering students

Students enrolled in an engineering programme at Mälardalen University have the opportunity to apply for the summer technologist programme. In the role of a summer technologist, students will have the opportunity for summer work as an engineer at an industrial company and to receive academic credits at the same time. The student will be assigned a strong project at the company and will be expected to solve a real problem. The project is first and foremost aimed at students who are studying in the graduate degree programme in Production and Product Design, but the concept is also applicable for students from other programmes.

Participating companies receive via the student project new knowledge that can be used to make improvements in the enterprise and a possibility to develop ideas that otherwise are not sufficiently accessible in terms of the time or resources for it during the daily work. In addition, contacts are created between students and companies that may lead further to a degree thesis project and future employment.