The Women in Industry Tillväxtmotorn

The Women in Industry Tillväxtmotorn is based upon the Tillväxtmotor programme that was developed by Mälardalen University. It is a unique development programme for managing directors in small and medium-sized companies in all industries and with very good results.

The Women in Industry Tillväxtmotorn is aimed at people who are working as the head of the company, department managers, project managers or the like, and who wish to be developed in their role. The programme provides the opportunity to procure new knowledge and raise questions confidentially while at the same time strengthening your network.

The purpose is to strengthen women with the aim of having them:

  • Grow in their occupational role
  • Acquire new knowledge that contributes to their development
  • Build a female network within industry



The work occurs through 10 group meetings, three hours per meeting during approx. 1 year with 10-12 participants. The process builds on openness and confidentiality with the entire group signing non-disclosure agreements. During the year, the women in the group manage to build sustainable relationships where many continue to stay in contact with each other after the programme ends.


The agenda for the meetings is always the same:

  • New knowledge/lectures with interesting lecturers from relevant areas
  • Questions from the group where the participants coach and support each other
  • Individual presentation by one of the companies


Do you want to know more?

Contact Gabriella Mast Weggeman, Process leader Tillväxmotorn and Tillväxtmotorn Kvinna i Industrin

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