Tillväxtmotorn network programme

MITC assists your company in strengthening the company management’s competence through a development programme.

Target group

The offering is aimed at companies with between 10 and 50 employees that are interested in participating in competence development from Mälardalen University, including leadership, product development, innovation, sales and marketing.


The development programme builds on confidentiality, the questions of the participants and the expertise of Mälardalen University. The work takes place through 10 network meetings of three hours each, in networks of at most ten to twelve companies. The network meetings focus on one individual company at a time and are comprised of new knowledge, lectures, exchanges of experience and questions posed within the group. Signing a non-disclosure agreement is a prerequisite for a participating company.


The results of the Tillväxtmotorn development programme are evaluated using a questionnaire that the participants answer at the beginning and end of the programme. The basis for the measurement shows how company managers and the enterprise are developing as regards strategic decision-making, product and service development and work with constant improvements. The offering also involves strong exchanges of knowledge with Mälardalen University and the possibility to make new contacts with other participants in the development programme.