Visual Lift

Project owner: Visual Sweden
Funding: European Regional Development Fund Linköpings universitet Norrköping Science Park Region Örebro län Region Östergötland Region Sörmland Region Västmanland
Project duration: October 2020 until December 2022
Contact person MITC: Erik Andersen

During the corona pandemic, many companies and industries have been impacted severely by reduced orders and lacking deliveries, and through the Visual LIFT project we intend to contribute flexible and innovative solutions. ​

With the most recent visualisation technology, we will be assisting companies to display and communicate for example products, production systems and delivery reliability.

The Visual LIFT Project is aimed at small and medium-sized companies in the industrial sector of East Middle Sweden. The base is Norrköping and Visualisation Centre C, where a special lab is now being built to give companies the possibility to test the technologies. In addition, there are four hubs with mini-labs: Curt Nicolin Upper Secondary School in Finspång, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Centre (MITC) in Eskilstuna, Alfred Nobel Science Park in Örebro and Automation Region in Västerås.

Obtain assistance from university experts in finding the way forward with your challenges. The project can help your company with solutions involving:

  • Communications through visual 3D representations
  • Digital and virtual twins
  • Visualisation of data

Registration of interest

Are you interested in obtaining assistance through participating in the project or would you like to know more about what visualisation can do for your company? Fill in the registration of interest here, and then we will contact you.


  • Andrey Kiselev, Örebro University 070-9673631
  • Daniel Boqvist, Automation Region, Mälardalens university 073-6621616
  • Eric Holmstedt, Norrköpings Science Park 072-2430744
  • Erik Andersen, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC) 073-0294270
  • Magnus Schenström, Curt Nicolin Gymnasiet, Finspång 070-5808493