Project owner: Mälardalen University
Funding: Eskilstuna Kummun European Regional Development Fund Region Örebro Region Sörmland Region Västmanland
Participating actors: Alfred Nobel Science Park Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center Örebro University
Project duration: August 2017 until February 2023
Contact person MITC: Anna Bird Svante Sundquist

Mission to transform the automotive industry

The purpose of the TransMission project is to support suppliers in the automotive industry in the on-going shift in technology to electrification and automation. The project is focused on three areas;

  1. Giving suppliers preconditions to make the technology shift a possibility
  2. Building an area of expertise involving electrically powered vehicles
  3. Stimulating innovation, new products and services

The strategy is to meet companies where they stand today and offer development measures that meet their needs. We offer a package of measures and activities. These are conducted by the project, the regional innovation system and a network of actors and spearhead competences in Sweden and Europe. The project has the following parts:


  • Technology, investigation and inspiration.

Rolling seminars regarding electrification, enterprise development, automation and digitalisation for the purpose of stimulating and inspiring for change.

  • Basis programme for supplier development.

A rolling programme to develop suppliers’ skills and abilities. Focus on Lean, automation, digitalisation and maintenance. There are two categories of activities, introductory activities and programmes.

  • Advanced programme for supplier development.

An individual programme for a select few companies to support them as suppliers. The programme is formulated based upon the company’s goals, vision and specific preconditions.

  • Managing for Change.

A programme that focuses on the horizontal criteria of integration and equality. Among other things, the programme ”Women in Industry” is found here.

  • Product and Service Development

Stimulating development of new products, services and business models.


The automotive industry is undergoing a technology shift towards electrically powered and autonomous vehicles. The Stockholm/Mälar Region is an automotive region with over 200 suppliers. Estimates are that the industry has more than 75,000 employees here. This means that more than 30% of all employees of the Swedish automotive industry are found here. Automotive and related industries are Sweden’s largest export industry.

Alfred Nobel Science Park, Mälardalen University College, MITC and Örebro University have, with support from Region Sörmland, Region Örebro, the municipality of Eskilstuna, the municipality of Lindesberg and the EU’s regional fund, are jointly addressing via the TransMission Project the challenges the technology shift involves.