The Digitalisation Lift – EEPAB

Eskilstuna Elektronikpartner AB (EEPAB) is working with product development and manufacturing of industrial electronics for customers from, among others, the automotive industry and medical technology industry. Mikael Joki, CEO of EEPAB, explains that the MITC’s digitalisation programme helped their company to produce a digital strategy and to become better at investigating the future and trends.


The Digitalisation Lift was a national effort to support digitalisation of Swedish small and medium-sized companies 2017-2020. EEPAB participated in two of the programmes offered by MITC, Digifuture and DigiLean.

EEPAB also participated in the programme to increase competence development in the company and to become better at foresight analysis within digitalisation. Mikael explains that EEPAB’s participation in Digifuture and DigiLean led to a thorough analysis of the enterprise, which resulted in a clear future-developing digital strategy, which also contributed to employees having received more clarity concerning the company’s future prospects and digital development.

Mikael notes that they have become better at foresight analysis and at spotting trends than they previously were. This allows them to react more quickly to changes in the world and business to ensure that they retain their position in the market and to ensure that they can offer their customers the latest technology He explains that the company has received a clearer understanding giving them better control over what needs to be done and precisely what steps are required.

After the programme, EEPAB participated in more projects through MITC in order to rationalise its processes and increase its value creation through digital solutions, including in Digitala Stambanan, a Vinnova project where a digital twin is developed, i.e. a digital copy of the enterprise showing the effects on production for different changes.

To the question of why EEPAB participates in so many of MITC’s projects, Mikael is of the opinion that they always receive a high degree of efficacy from the projects they participate in and that he views all MITC’s projects as incredibly important initiatives for industry.