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Submitted bymitc_admin on27 February 2020


MITC, Automation Region and Södertälje Science Park offer DigiFuture - a programme for companies that want to start their digitisation journey. 

With the help of coaches and experts in digitalisation, you can take your business from idea to a specification of requirement. DigiFuture offers coaching at your company combined with group meetings together with other companies. The programmes mission is to increase competence, learning and development capability, but also to give the participating companies continued support. 

The programme is aimed at industrial manufacturing companies in Sörmland, Västmanland and Stockholm. DigiFuture is an excellent continuation for companies that have participated in KickStart Digitalisering, but is also suitable for companies that haven’t started their digitalisation journey yet. 


  • Gathering 1 - Introduction to digitalisation  (create interest in company management)
  • Coaching at the enterprise
  • Gathering 2 – Challenges and ambitions (What can it be in our case?)
  • Coaching at the enterprise
  • Gathering 3 – Inspiration (What is possible, examples?)
  • Coaching at the enterprise
  • Gathering 4 – How realise? (What does it take?)


For about three to four months, the coach guides the company from current position analysis towards the development of a requirements specification for investment in digital technology. The programme runs in laps with five companies in each group and the companies receive four collective meetings and three coaching opportunities. Coaching is also offered in between the meetings.


Target group: Small and medium-sized industrial companies (typically 10-50 employees, up to 250 employees). 
Participants: 2-4 people per company representing the CEO or equivalent position, person or persons with mandate to implement changes and with employee perspective. 4-8 companies / networks.
Extent: Four network meetings, coaching 9 hours per company 
Where: At companies in subject to availability
Registration: Interest notification is made to
For general information: Anna Bird · MDH/MITC 0736-62 06 54 · 
For information about content: Niklas Olsson · MITC 070-323 22 10 ·


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