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KTP Energi Sverige

KTP - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a collaborative model that creates concrete development with the help of new knowledge. Together with companies, we create development projects that open the exchange of knowledge between business and academia, something that both parties have direct benefits from. The development project is led by a newly graduated academic who works with a researcher from the academy. There is also a business coach to support the project. Through KTP, new innovations and working methods are created and implemented into the companies.

Collaboration between trade and industry and academia

KTP as a collaborative model means that a newly graduated work full time on a strategically qualified development project at a company in the region for up to two years. It can be about product development, market development, process development or energy efficiency.
Throughout, Mälardalen University collaborates with a qualified supervisor, usually a researcher and a coach from the business community. The university can contribute lab resources. The KTP project manager receives a market salary and the company pays half of the personnel costs.
The remaining part is financed with project funds. From recruitment, through the entire project to completion, each project is ensured by a process manager from the university.

KTP Energy Sweden

KTP Energy Sweden is coordinated by Dalarna University in collaboration with six other universities and three IUC companies around Sweden.

Thirty new graduates will have the opportunity to work in the project, which will last until 2020.


Project owner: Dalarna University

Partners: Dalarna University, Luleå University of Technology, IUC North, Mitt University, IUC Z-group, IUC Dalarna, Gävle University, Södertörn University; Mälardalen University and Kristianstad University


Anna Bird, MDH/MITC tel. +46 73-662 06 54

Svante Sundquist, MITC tel. +46 76-946 18 75

Funders: European Regional Development Fund, Region Sörmland, Region Örebro

Project Time: 1/7 2019-31/12 2020