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Submitted bymitc_admin on27 February 2020

Produktionslyftet offers companies development and in-depth programmes to strengthen the organisation's own ability and desire for renewal and improvement. 

Produktionslyftet has been developed based on the needs and opportunities of the manufacturing industry, though many companies from other sectors that can apply similar principles have also participated. Also new types of companies are welcome. We apply principles based on Lean, but the starting point is the companies' own strengths and values. The programmes run according to our standardised methodology "Sneda Vågen", the wave, which has been developed gradually based on experience gained since 2008.

RISE IVF  are responsible nationally for Produktionslyftet and MITC is the regional node for East Middle Sweden.


Produktionslyftet - The development program

Produktionslyftets proven 18-month programme develops the company's inherent ability to innovate and improve its competitiveness - all based on the company's own strengths and values.
In the Development Programme of 18 months, coaching and workshops are conducted at the company every two weeks, and the last six months for every four weeks. When needed, the expert contributes with different competences from Produktionslyftet. Two or more people at the company are given an academic education in Lean divided on five occasions in two days with intermediate homework assignments. Companies that are accepted into the Development Programme must have a collective agreement or be willing to sign one. 

Small businesses

In special circumstances, we can offer small companies a reduced price for participating in the Development Program with the arrangement of half days or full days as well as partly distance-based. 

Companies from the same corporate group

Produktionslyftets 18-month development program is designed to develop independent companies, individual factories or cohesive units. When several companies or units that are part of a group structure participate, coordination work is needed.

Produktionslyftets way of working is based on the corporate group giving the units a large scope of own action. At the same time, one usually wants to build a common structure and a mutual learning. It is then necessary that both the company's site managers, local change managers and key personnel as well as the Produktionslyftets coaches can set aside time for, among other things:

• Dialogues with corporate group management and the corporate group joint staff functions.
• Mutual learning and exchange of experience
• Follow-up of progress and effects.

The extent of Produktionslyftet’s additional work is dependent on the conditions and level of ambition. The effort is therefore planned on an ongoing basis in consultation with the corporate group's contact person (s) and is charged as the number of hours spent plus travel and subsistence expenses. Expect at least 10 percent extra work to be added in addition to the normal fee.

An alternative solution, which we recommend, is that the Parent Company participate in the Development Program as well, in parallel with the other units. Preferably the Parent company starts before the other units as this build both a better understanding and creates a strong role model. This helps to build consensus and create deeper anchorage.

Produktionslyftet - The advanced program

In the advanced program companies that have already participated in the Development Program are offered an opportunity to participate again. The aim is then set into a more specific area where the company needs to take a clear step in its development, such as product development, sales, new factory, new organisation or leadership, new business area, etc. We are working at a higher pace and expect a higher effort from the company. The terms are as in the Development Program, but with a shorter extent, 10 months.

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