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Mission to transform driveline industry in Mälardalen 

Project owner: Mälardalens Högskola

Partners: Mälardalens University, Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Örebro University


Anna Bird, MDH/MITC tel. +46 73-662 06 54

Svante Sundquist, MITC tel. +46 76-946 18 75

Funder: European Regional Development Fund, Region Sörmland, Region Örebro, Eskilstuna Municipality and Lindesberg Municipality.

Project Time: 1/8 2017-30/11 2020

The automotive industry is in a technological shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles. The Stockholm / Mälar-region is a vehicle region with more than 200 suppliers. It is estimated that the industry has more than 75,000 employees working here. This means that more than 30% of all employees in the Swedish automotive industry is found here. Vehicles and related industries are Sweden's largest export industry.

Alfred Nobel Science Park, Mälardalen University, MITC and Örebro University, with the support of Region Sörmland, Region Örebro, Eskilstuna Municipality, Lindesberg Municipality and Eus Regional Fund, in the TransMission project, have jointly addressed the challenges of the technology change.

The purpose of the TransMission project is to consolidate a competitive vehicle region by supporting relevant stakeholders in the transition to fossil-free, electric-powered transport, with a strong focus on suppliers. The project has three directions

1.    Provide suppliers with the conditions to turn the technology shift into an opportunity
2.    Build a knowledge area in electric vehicles with education, research and practical projects
3.    Stimulate innovation, new products and services

Our strategy is to meet the companies where they stand and to offer development measures that meet their needs, in the short and long term. For existing suppliers, we offer a package of measures and activities. These are implemented by ourselves, the regional innovation system and a network of actors and cutting-edge skills, in Sweden and Europe. These are in the areas:

* Efficient and smart production
* New technologies, AM, energy storage etc.
* Continuing Education
* Strategic development
* Product development
* Gender equality and integration. Our main activity is the program "Kvinna I Industrin"