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Premium develops the knowledge and skills of employees in the manufacturing industry. It contributes to the manufacturing industry's ability to sustainably and successfully cope with ongoing technological changes. All professionals need to constantly update themselves to keep up with developments and be attractive in the labour market. For the industry, it is a prerequisite for being sustainable and competitive. For the Academy an opportunity. An increasingly important means of competition is the ability to attract, retain and, above all, develop staff. Companies such as Scania, Volvo, Alfa Laval, Bombardier, Astra Zeneca among others are partners in the program and express clear needs, while noting that there is no clear player in the market that meets their needs today. 

PREMIUM, which is funded by the KK Foundation, is a national training program for professionals in the manufacturing industry. Premium is run by Mälardalen University with the Technical University of Jönköping as a partner. The courses are based on the needs of the companies and are open to everyone.
 - Those who have read the first of our courses are very satisfied, says Jessica Bruch, a professor of production systems and project managers. There is an importance in that the education is college-driven, it gives the participants a sense of pride as they pass the course. Lifelong learning is an important driving force for Premium and Mälardalen University. - You can't sit back on a previous degree. In order to stay up-to-date, it is necessary today to continuously train yourself to further develop your skills, says Jessica Bruch. Continuously training and developing should be as natural as upgrading a software or servicing your car. The role of the academy is changing to become a partner in lifelong learning.   


Expertise in knowledge-intensive and innovative production development 

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