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Royal Statistic Society event MDH

This event will commence with an introductory talk on simulation and its application, followed by sharing of case studies and a practical workshop session. The aim of this workshop is to develop awareness and basic competence in the use of simulation to support modern day needs of manufacturing companies. Based on a real cases, this workshop will guide you on how to make better decisions based on discrete event simulation.

Time        8th of April | 08.30 - 17.00
Place       Room L3116 | MDH | Smedjegatan 37 | Eskilstuna

The event is free of charge but there is a limited space for 35 attendees.


  • Basic concepts of simulation            
  • Successful examples in manufacturing            
  • How to run a model?                                
  • How to build a simple model?                
  • Formulating a simulation problem            
  • Final discussion and questions

Sign up before 4rd of april at the registration form below.                 

    For more information, please contact :
    Erik Flores-Garcia |
    Jessica Bruch |