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Mission to transform driveline industry in Mälardalen
Digitala Stambanan is a collaboration project between the strategic innovation programmes Production 2030 and PiiA financed within the framework of the collaboration programme connected industry and smart materials.
The project is a joint project for the county's actors with the aim of strengthening industrial companies in Sörmland. The combined resources of ALMI, Östsvenska Handelskammarens and MITC are all available to the county's small and medium-sized industrial companies to support them in their development.
Smart production - MITC 4.0 is a project to continue to develop the Eskilstuna and Mälardals region as a center for production development. A center where new production lines of the future are developed, and manufacturing challenges are solved.

MITC, Automation Region and Södertälje Science Park offer DigiFuture - a program for companies that want to start their digitization journey.


KTP - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a collaborative model that creates concrete development with the help of new knowledge.